A brief history of the battleship Bismarck
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The design plans for the Bismarck are located in Germany at the Freiburg Militar-Archive museum. The final as completed plans for the ship were not located after WWII, leading many to believe they were either destroyed in the bombing of Hamburg or in the chaos surrounding the collapse of the country. Some plans were captured by the American military during their Technical Mission to Europe and are currently in storage with the US Archives at College Park, MD. While we can't offer deck plans for the Bismarck, please check out our detailed general arrangement plans for her sister ship Tirpitz; these plans were prepared from the Tirpitz's original as completed deck plans.

While the as completed deck plans for the Bismarck may not have survived WWII, the original recorded German hull offsets for the Bismarck did. Using these original records, we've recreated the Bismarck's lines plans, to include the body, half-breadth, sheer, and framing plans in exquisite detail. If you want to model the Bismarck's hull, we believe you will not find a better set of plans to work from.
Turning circles for Battleship Bismarck, recorded 4 November, 1940, off the coast of Kohlberg
Artillerieversuchskommandos für Schiffe, Schlachtschiff Bismarck (AVKS-700), 31 May, 1941
(The Artillery Testing Command for Ships, Report 700)
Kriegstagebuch, Bordfliegerstaffel 1/196, 14 March - 31 March, 1941
(War Diary of the Bismarck Flight Squadron 1/196)