Torpedo Armament

An interior view of the Torpedo Workshop on the Prinz Eugen's Oberdeck, showing 4 stowed torpedoes. The overhead rail was used to move the torpedoes out to the triple-mounted torpedo tubes and also to bring torpedoes in for maintenance. Immediately behind the photographer was a workbench where the crew could perform regular maintenance on the torpedoes. The sign in the background states that the top in-board fish is charged.

A photo of the starboard after torpedo tubes (mount #3) on the Oberdeck (main deck) of the Prinz Eugen. The 2cm quad on the starboard funnel, shown just above the torpedo tubes, has a cluster of men in hats standing by, perhaps for a training exercise.

A view of the #4 torpedo mount (port side, aft) on the Prinz Eugen's Oberdeck, looking aft. Just to the left of the mount one can see the shell and torpedo transfer rail attached to the underside of the Aufbaudeck. The 10.5cm gun on the Aufbaudeck located behind the the US Navy sailor in the upper left has already been removed by the Philadelphia shipyard for evaluation.

A view of the #4 torpedo mount from the Prinz Eugen's Aufbaudeck, looking forward. The operator entry hatch is clearly seen on the back of the enclosure. At the top of the photo the port crane is angled outward, and in the upper right corner the shell and torpedo transfer rail is visible as it curves along the superstructure. The door just below the transfer rail leads to the seamen's kitchen. The 10.5cm gun mounted between the torpedo tubes and the crane has been removed for evaluation.