Panama Canal Transit Photos

This and the following photos show the Prinz Eugen transiting the Panama Canal on her way to Bikini Atoll. Here she is being helped through the Gatun locks in Panama by the helper railcar. The barrels from A Turret were taken off the ship in Philadelphia for testing and at least one of the barrels is reputed to still survive at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The box mounted on top of the conning tower is electronic test equipment for the upcoming Bikini tests.

The after port-side triple torpedo tubes on the Prinz Eugen. Just above the torpedo mount is the transport rail for ferrying torpedos and other items fore and aft. Notice the aft port-side 10.5cm gun is missing as indicated by the empty gun mount in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

An excellent view of the Prinz Eugen's tower mast. The square box running up the back of the tower mast is the ammunition hoist for the 2cm guns on the Vormarstand, the tower mast top level.

A close-up of the sailors on the forward port quarter of the Prinz Eugen. The markings on the superstructure indicate frame positions on the ship. The folding down wind-screen at the front of the open bridge is shown at the top left.

A good stern view of the Prinz Eugen as she winds her way through the Panama Canal locks.

Forward port-quarter of the Prinz Eugen. The door-way on the Oberdeck (main deck) at the bottom middle with the recessed indent just above leads into the lookout post and then the midshipman's mess. The fold-down windscreen on the open bridge is clearly shown along with the radar installation mounted on top of the conning tower.

A frontal view of the Prinz Eugen in the Panama Canal locks. The top of A turret shows the minor damage to the armor plates, caused during the removal of the barrels while the ship was in Philadelphia.

Port-side view of the Prinz Eugen sailing through the Panama Canal.

Looking at the Prinz Eugen from the forward starboard quarter. She appears to have just exited one of the locks through the Panama Canal.

A nice overhead view of the Prinz Eugen sailing through the Panama Canal.

Another view of the Prinz Eugen in one of the locks in the Panama Canal.