Many of the 2cm singles on the Prinz Eugen were upgraded to the 2cm quad. This 2cm quad is located on the Prinz Eugen's Decke des Hinteren Deckhauses (2nd superstructure), starboard side, aft. The bulkhead behind and to the right of the quad is the officer's galley; Behind the quad is the after main range finder. A ready ammunition locker is to the left in the photo. This photo was taken on 12 June 1946 in preparing the ship for operation Crossroads.

A photo of the 2cm quad on the Prinz Eugen's Decke des Hinteren Deckhauses, looking aft. The control wheels for the operators to adjust the elevation and training while tracking aircraft are clearly shown. The small louvers on the right cover an air intake.

A view behind the right-side protective shield of #3 10.5cm gun, located on the Prinz Eugen's Oberdeck (main deck), frame 84.8, starboard side. In the extreme upper left corner of the photo one can see a portion of the breech block. The device in the upper center of the photo is the firing permission indicator and has a green light for Feuer (fire) and a red light for Halt (stop).

A view behind the left-side protective shield of the Prinz Eugen's #3 10.5cm gun mount. The gun mount must be pointing astern since water is visible on the extremel left of the photo.

A photo of the Prinz Eugen's 10.5cm magazine located on the Oberes Plattformdeck, compartment IX 8.1. As one can see, these compact compartments contain very little open space to allow a photographer to take expansive, overview photos. The Prinz Eugen contained ammunition during the atomic bomb tests because the US Navy wanted to determine the effects on all aspects of the ship, including the ammunition.

In the Prinz Eugen's magazines were fuze lockers for arming the shells before passing them up through the ammunition hoists. This is the 10.5cm fuze locker located on the Oberes Plattformdeck, compartment IX 8.1.

The Prinz Eugen had 4 large spherical anti-aircraft directors, two on each side, one forward, one aft. This photo is taken on the Brückenhausdeck, looking aft toward the port-side forward director. The structure jutting out above the director is the port-side wing of the Admiral's bridge (Admiralsbrücke und Nebensignaldeck).