A good aerial view of the ship, looking at the starboard side. Several alterations to the ship will be made before she enters service in the Pacific: 20mm guns added at the bow's stem, side extensions to the forward air defense station to move the sky lookout chairs further outboard, deck extension to the primary conning station to wrap the deck around the sides of the forward superstructure tower, and the rebuilt enclosed navigating bridge. This and the following photos were taken on 5 August 1943.

The battleship New Jersey as viewed from the starboard side forward.

A stern view of the battleship New Jersey as she steams on the Delaware river outside of Philadelphia.

A starboard quarter aerial view of the battleship New Jersey.

Coming full circle, viewing the New Jersey from the starboard side again.

The New Jersey seen from the port side aft.

The battleship New Jersey has now been updated with the forward armament, enclosed navigating bridge, forward air defense stations extensions, and the primary conning station wrap-around deck. Photo taken on 12 Oct 1943.