Radar Equipment

A view of the Mark 19 radar equipment on the Flag and Signal Bridge deck, compartment B-0306C. This compartment was originally planned as a storeroom but was converted late in the construction period as the demand for onboard electronics increased. Looking forward. The curved bulkhead on the left is the aft main battery director tube. The compartment access on the left leads to the 40mm radar transmitter station.

The specific equipment for the Mark 19 radar is listed in the rack. The equipment is seen in the prior photo on the right hand side. The anti-aircraft Mark 19 radar had a maximum range of between 6 and 7 miles.

This is the second rack of equipment for the Mark 19 radar, located just to the right of the equipment in the prior photo.

Another rack of equipment for a Mark 19 radar on the battleship New Jersey.

And yet another rack of equipment for a Mark 19 radar on the ship.