The battleship New Jersey keel laying. Photo taken on 16 September 1940.

The battleship New Jersey triple bottom construction is visible in this view. We are looking at the ship from the stern, looking forward. Photo taken on 3 October 1940.

This view of the battleship New Jersey's hull is taken from the bow, looking aft down the slipway. Photo taken on 3 October 1940.

An overhead view of the construction on the battleship New Jersey's hull, looking from aft toward the bow. Photo taken on 9 January 1941.

Significant progress has been made on the construction of the battleship New Jersey's hull as shown in this bow view, looking aft. The two forward barbettes are in place, covered by sheds, and progress on the ship's framing and shell is advancing. Photo taken 15 July 1941.

The battleship New Jersey's aft barbette is now in place, covered by a shed. Photo taken on 9 October 1941.

In contrast to the previous photo, we are now viewing progress on the New Jersey's hull from the stern. Photo taken 9 October 1941.

One year after Pearl Harbor, the battleship New Jersey is launched at the Philadelphia Shipyard. A view from the bow shows the ship ready to be launched into the Delaware River. While much work remains to complete the superstructure, the conning tower structure is installed and rises up just behind barbette #2 and three of the starboard side 5" guns are also already installed. Once in the river, the forward anchors will be dropped to drag the hull to a stop.

The battleship New Jersey's hull is mostly hidden behind the extensive slipway gantry. Photo taken on ship's launch date, 7 December 1942.