Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse Deck Plans

We started the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse deck plans several years ago as an experiment and never quite finished them. As you can see in the preview below, we've already captured a great majority of the ship's features but there are still many minor details and markings missing throughout the deck plans. In addition, we haven't really even started the profile view - the profile view we created was used to calculate angles and distances and almost needs to be redrawn from scratch.

Once completed, these plans will have the same high-quality of all our other plans, including an abbreviation and symbol table. At present we're focusing our energies on several other projects so we do not have an estimated timeframe for completion of these plans. To help us gauge interest, please send us an email indicating your interest in the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse plans. If we receive enough inquiries, we will try to schedule these for an earlier completion date.