An overhead view of the Bismarck and several supply vessels, taken by Michael Suckling of the RAF during a reconnaissance of the Norwegian fjords.

A view of the Bismarck in Grimstadfjord, taken from the Prinz Eugen. The crew have already lowered platforms out on the ship side in preparation for painting over the Baltic camouflage stripes. The black smudge on the ship's hull just forward of C turret is most likely oil -- this is the location of the ships refueling station on the Batteriedeck (2nd deck).

During the battle with the Battlecruiser Hood, the Bismarck fires a salvo.

Shells from the Battlecruiser Hood splash near the Prinz Eugen during the Denmark Strait battle.

The Bismarck has now turned to starboard of the Prinz Eugen and fires another salvo.

The Bismarck's secondary armament fires while the smoke cloud from an earlier main armament salvo slowly dissipates. Notice the splash from a shell, most likely from the Prince of Wales. This photo appears to have been taken immediately after this photo

The Bismarck fires again.

A slightly under exposed shot of the Bismarck. By the flash effect on the ship, the photo appears to capture the instant B turret fires a salvo.

The smoke on the right is the explosion of the Battlecruiser Hood. Just to the left of the larger smoke cloud one can see the Prince of Wales as she fires on the Bismarck.

On the left the wreckage from the Battlecruiser Hood continues to burn. To avoiding the wreckage the Prince of Wales had to quickly alter course, throwing off the next salvo. A salvo from the Prince of Wales lands very short, throwing up the white splashes on the right in the photo.

Another photo of the burning wreckage of the Battlecruiser Hood.

This is the last photo of the Bismarck, taken by the Germans. The Bismarck has pulled into line astern of the Prinz Eugen. The large bow wave of the Bismarck is due to the bow flooding from the hit by the Prince of Wales.