This and the following construction photos of the Bismarck were taken between December 10 and December 15, 1939 while the ship was fitting out at the Blohm and Voss shipyard. The ship's Atlantic bow has already been fitted and it appears that work on installing the side armor plating is continuing.

Just forward of the white tarp there appears to be a section of the Bismarck's side armor that still has not been installed.

In this view of the Bismarck's turrets Anton and Bruno one can see that the range finders have not yet been installed - where the hood covers would project from the turrets there is a simple plate on the turret side.

A view of the Bismark's incomplete port-side forward 15cm turret.

In this view, taken on the Bismarck's port-side quarter, the port-side after 15cm turret is protected by a tarp which indicates the topside armor has not yet been installed. While the general form of the superstructure is in place, many details still await final fitting.

A section of the Bismark's upper 145mm armor on the port-side aft still needs to be installed. Neither turret Caeser nor Dora have their range finders installed.